If you love interior design and decorating then you are going to love this sweet diy! It is a hula hoop chandelier! All you need is a dollar store hula hoop, some spools of lace, and icicle lights! Here’s what you do:

Take out your hot glue gun, lace, and hula hoop. Wrap your lace around the hula hoop to hide the color of the hoop. Wrap the icicle lights around the hula hoop. You can secure the lights with hot glue if you want them to be more secure! This diy can give any room a romantic flare! The soft icicle lights hanging from the ceiling are so soothing! Hang this diy in your room, in your dorm room, anywhere you want!

chelsea crockett hula hoop chandiler

Your friends will be so jealous of your adorable chandelier, and when they ask you where you got such an amazing idea, tell them your BFF Chelsea Crockett told you!

XOXO, Chels