Chelsea Crockett - Picture Cork BoardIf you’ve ever seen Pottery Barn, you’ll know that all of their merchandise is fun and creative, but don’t forget a little pricey!  One of their products is a photo cork board, such as the one on the left.  Most people don’t want to pay for things that they can easily make at home.  That being said, here’s a short tutorial on a DIY picture cork board!

            First off, you’ll need to determine how big you want your board, depending on the size of the wall you put it on.  Here’s what you need for one such as the board above!  First, find nine small squares of cork board.  Keep in mind the size of your wall!  You’ll need to go to your nearest craft store such as Hobby Lobby for example.  Then, pick out nine colors or patterns of cloth that will look best in your room!  Make sure you get the right sized cloth to glue onto your cork.  Once you get home, I suggest taking a hot glue gun to glue your cloth and cork together.  Then, ask a parent, or someone who is good with a saw, to cut a piece of thin plywood the size that you need.  Remember to leave room for your frame.  After, take your nine material cork squares and glue them to the plywood in whatever order you want.  Last, cut some trim to frame the outside of your patterned board.  Make sure to use a strong glue to glue it on.  There are many ways to hang your board on your wall.  Ask help from a parent for which way is best.  Then add as many photos or decorations as you want!  Enjoy!

Love, Chelsea