I recently saw this tutorial on Pinterest and thought that this so cute and creative! What is really unique about this DIY is that it is totally customizable! What do I mean? You can put whatever quote, verse, or lyric you want on it! On my shirt, I used the quote “When you feel like you’re drowning in life, don’t worry, our lifeguard walks on water.”

 What you will need:

–          Elmer’s Blue Gel glue (It HAS to be the blue kind, or it will not work!)

Chelsea Crockett watermark tee

–          Fabric dye

–          White cotton tee

1. Wet your tee with cool water and place a board between the layers of the shirt, like the lid of a tub.

2. Start drawing! Take the glue and write your favorite verse or quote across the front of the shirt. Pinterest is a great place to find quotes, too! Let the glue dry completely. This may take a few hours!

4. Prepare your tub of dye. Use cool water to make it, and remember that the color that comes out of the tub of dye will be a couple shades darker than your finished shirt! When you get the color you want, lay your tee out flat to dry.

5. When your tee is completely dry, soak it in cool, soapy about 15 minutes. This washes out the extra glue. Toss it in the washer and dry as you would normally!


I have found that these tees make great gifts to friends! Do you have a song that you and a friend call “your song”? Then slap the lyrics on one of these tee’s and give it to them for Christmas! They will love it, and it will mean so much to them that you made it!

XOXO, Chels