When styling your hair into curls, there are two categories: fresh curls and messy curls. Both are great styles and are worn for different reasons. Fresh curls are meant to look pretty and put-together, whereas messy curls are a more “everyday” “effortless” casual look. I love the way my hair looks when it is freshly curled. The curls are all bouncy and shiny! Buuuuut, there is something to be said about “second day” curls. They are looser, messier, and give off that “effortless” look. Want to know how to get “second day” curls without having to sleep on them/wait a whole day? Stay tuned!mcx-beach-sprays-ogx

  1. The first step is to divide your hair into sections and curl it how you normally do. You can use a curling iron, wand, straightener, whichever you prefer!
  2. Okay, so after you have curled all of your hair, take your fingers and run them through your hair. The goal is to loosen up the curls and separate them. You can also use a wide-toothed comb for this step instead of your fingers!
  3. Take some dry shampoo or texture spray and spray it throughout your hair, on the roots and the curls. This will “dirty up” your hair and make it a little messier. I also use sea salt spray to mess it up a bit.

See how easy it is to get “second day” curls on the first day? Super-duper easy! Let me know in the comment section if your “second day” curls turned out cute!

XOXO, Chels