Halloween is the one night of the year where you get to be whatever you want to be.  There are so many different costumes and makeup looks you can try out to make it the best Halloween yet!  Mermaid costumes are easy to pull off and fun to create a makeup look for.  Here’s an easy makeup tutorial you can try out this Halloween!

Chelsea Crockett - Mermaid Makeup Look

First, let’s focus on the eyes.  You’ll need to apply a teal or lighter blue eyeshadow base on your lids to begin.  Next, take a darker blue and apply it to your brow bone to give your eyes some more depth.  Now, pick a bright purple and apply this to your lower lash line and up to the outer corner of your lid.  Make sure you blend!  You can even add some glitter and shimmer to make your eyes pop even more.

Next comes the fun part.  You’ll need a pair of classic fish net tights to create the “mermaid scale” effect on your skin!  Take your pair of leggings and slide them over your head (try not to mess up your eyeshadow!).  Take a brush covered in purple eyeshadow and dab the brush over the tights on your cheek bone.  You can even incorporate some pinks and blues into your scales as well.  After you’re finished, I suggest taking scissors and cutting off the tights to make sure you don’t smear your product!  Then, you’re finished! 🙂

What are you going to be this Halloween?  Let me know in the comment section below (I need ideas… Haha!).

XOXO – Chelsea