Have you ever had the cutest pair of jeans and wanted to wear them with boots, but you couldn’t because the jeans weren’t skinny jeans and wouldn’t fit into your boots? This problem can easily be solved! With this simple trick, you can take your favorite pair of bell-bottom or wide-legged pants and turn them into skinny jeans! All you will need is your favorite pair of jeans, a smashing pair of boots, and some high socks.

How to tuck them:

1. Pull on your favorite pair of jeans. The tighter around the thighs and knees the better!

2. Roll up the legs of your jeans into a nice cuff. the cuff should come up about 5 inches. After you have cuffed the jeans, pull the cuffs tight around your legs. There should be some extra material once you have pulled the cuffs tight, so you need to take the extra and fold it over the tightened cuffs. Make sure to hold all of this tight, because that is what is making your jeans into skinny jeans. 

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3. Now that you have the cuffs pulled tight and the extra material folded over it and tightened, put on your high socks and pull them up over the folded cuffs to hold them in place. Now slip on your boots and make sure that your socks are not sticking out and that your jeans are not bunching. If neither of those things are happening, then you are totally good to go!

Now that you know how to transform any pair of jeans into skinny jeans, the possibilities are endless!

XOXO, Chels