I love having my nails done all cute, but whose got the time?! Giving yourself a cute mani is a time consuming task, and quite frankly, I never have time! Here are lazy girl manicures that don’t take much time and are super easy.

  1. Simple polka dots: Paint your nails one solid color and then dip the end of a bobby pin into a different colored polish to create polka dots on your nails! Simple and quick.lazy nails
  2. Geometric: tape off little triangles at the tips of your nails and then paint inside the triangles. After the paint is dry you can peel off the tape and paint over your nails with clear polish!lazy nails 1
  3. Glitter French mani: Paint your nails a solid color and then fade glitter at the tips for a subtle “French tip” look! This is super quick but totally adorable.

lazy nails 2

Who knew you could have cute nails even when you’re strapped for time?!

XOXO, Chels