Pumpkin carving can get messy. It is quite the process. You get pumpkin guts from head to toe, and it’s not an easy feat! Here are a few mess-free, hassle free ways to decorate your precious pumpkin this year!31746820243-465x697

  1. Gold polka dot pumpkin: Paint your entire pumpkin with gold paint. Then, paint black polka dots onto your pumpkin. This look is super chic and super classy and adds a preppy flare to your pumpkins!
  2. Candy corn pumpkin: Do you like candy corn? Then you will love this! Paint the top third of your pumpkin white, leave the middle orange, and then paint the bottom yellow. Your pretty pumpkins will look just like delicious candy corn.
  3. Chevron: Chevron is such a classic pattern. Slap this on your pumpkin and you cannot go wrong!
  4. Chalkboard paint pumpkin: Paint an entire pumpkin in chalkboard paint and then draw on it with chalk!

Now get out there and go decorate a pumpkin! Grab a few friends and make a party of it.

XOXO, Chels