As you know, I am somewhat of a “no heat hair style” kind of girl. I found a totally new way to curl my hair without heat and I am totally pumped about it! YouTuber Kayley Melissa did a tutorial on it. It is called “heatless halo curls” and all you need is an old t-shirt or bandana to make these curls happen!496fb45a003fbff38c0aaee262bf84cd

  1. Make sure your hair is damp. Grab a t-shirt or bandana (I prefer to use a bandana) and twist it, tying the ends together with a pony tail holder to make it into a halo.
  2. Brush the front part of your hair forward so it is hanging in your face. Place the halo on top of your head and start wrapping your hair around the bandana or t-shirt in small sections.
  3. Once you reach the end of the section you are wrapping you should secure the end with a bobby pin. Once you have wrapped all of your hair in sections around the halo, sleep on it! Since it is on top of your head it won’t interfere with your sleep.
  4. In the morning take out all of the bobby pins and run your fingers through your hair. You will have loose wavy curls that are to die for!

I love no heat curls because it takes less than 10 minutes to prep your hair and it curls while you sleep! Easy peasy!

XOXO, Chels