Are you a morning person? If you are, I envy you. Most girls are running around in the morning like crazy people trying to get out the door because they slept past their alarms! If you are one of these ladies who is always running late, here is a quick, fabulous hair do for you to try.


The Messy Pony!

Chelsea Crockett messy pony


Ladies, everyone can rock the classic messy pony. Sometimes, a regular ponytail is just too basic and boring. Spruce it up! Here are the steps to getting that chic, super-fast updo.

1. Take the sections of hair that are at your temples and pull up the section like you were going to do the “half-up half-down” hair style. Spray this section with dry shampoo to absorb all of the access oils! Now that you have the top section of your hair, take the back part of the section and start teasing from the back to the front. Before you tease the small section, spray some hairspray at the root of the hair because this will help the hair to stay teased!

2. As you get closer to the front of your hair, tease the hair less so you don’t see as much of a rats nest. Leave out the front section of hair so that you can use it to cover the teased portion. Mist your hair with hairspray because this will give your hair texture!

3. Take the sections of hair behind your ears and bring them to the front. Now that you have both the top section of your hair and the sections behind your ears all pushed towards the front of your head, take the back section of hair that is left and create your first ponytail. Make it close to the middle of your head, not too high and not too low!

4. Flip the front and side sections back and pin your tease down with bobby pins however you want. If you want a high tease, make it happen! If you want less tease, that is totally fine too! Just pin your hair closer to your head if you don’t want as much tease. Pull your remaining hair back and add it to your first ponytail! If you want to add a little accent to the pony, you can add in your favorite headband.


Easy, right? Now go rock those messy ponies!

XOXO, Chels