How many of you love drinking Crystal Light? It can be quite a tasty beverage! But, I bet you didn’t know that you can make this sweet drink into lip gloss! Now before you go and call me crazy, read on and find out how! The whole process takes a total of two minutes! I found this tutorial on


–          Crystal Light packets, preferably flavors with red and pink colors.lip-gloss-41-1024x680

–          Vaseline

–          A small, portable container

–          A mixing tool (such as a plastic knife)

Fill your small empty container with your Vaseline. Add the Crystal Light and keep adding and stirring until you have the color you want. Wait an hour for the Crystal Light granules to dissolve so you don’t have gritty lip gloss. After the granules have dissolved, slap some on those lips! You just made your very own, super tasty, lip gloss! Pat yourself on the back and pucker up!

XOXO, Chels