Do you ever watch movies on your phone in bed and wish there was a way to make the picture bigger? Well fear not, for I have a solution! There is a way to turn your smartphone into a projector…for less than 3 dollars!! Ill tell you how.

What you will need:

–          A shoe box

–          Magnifying glass1385645405_09

–          A stand of some kind for your phone (you can make one out of  a paperclip)

–          Your phone

–          A blade or knife

–          Duct tape

1. On one of the ends of your box, find the center and place your magnifying glass smack dab in the center and trace around it.

2. Cut your hole where you traced around the lens and stick the lens in the hole. Tape the magnifying glass down and make sure that no light can leak in. Seal the cracks with duct tape. Poke a hole in the back of the box where you can stick your charger cable through it.

3. This is when you find a stand for your phone or you fashion one out of a paperclip.

4. Science comes into play at this point. When light passes through any lens, it is flipped upside down, which will make the picture from your projector appear upside down. To fix this, go to settings > general > accessibility > and turn on assistive touch. Then select device > rotate screen. Then, turn your screen brightness all the way up.

5. Move the phone around in the box until you find the point where the focus is the most clear. Then close the box and find yourself a blank wall!


Pop you some popcorn, because you just created your own home theatre!!

XOXO, Chels