Calling all shopaholics! Do you plan on going out and braving the crowds this Black Friday? If you are, then you really need to read these important tips! They will help you get the best deals possible, and they will give you some tips on how to stay safe when braving the masses!

  1. Do your research and browse the deals before you go. If you are looking for something specific, like a certain electronic item, then you need to research which stores are selling the item and which one offers the best price. You also need to check out what time the stores that you want to hit are open. Some stores open early on black Friday, some stores don’t open until late at night, the times can be all over the place! The best thing to do to stay organized is to keep a notebook or a sheet of paper with you that has each store you want to go to, the time they open, and what items you want to look for when you get there and their price. When you have a ton of people rushing around you, the best thing to be is organized and to have a game plan.
  2. TAKE AN ADULT WITH YOU. Ladies, I cannot stress this enough, take an adult with you! On black Friday, you will encounter countless crazy, frantic people trying to snatch and grab up items. You do not want to get in a compromising position or in a dangerous situation without having an adult to help you. Also, adults can help you find the items you need and can advise you on the best deals.

Stay safe this Black Friday, ladies! Good luck!

XOXO, Chels