Hi Insiders,

            Now I know a lot of my followers aren’t in college, but for those who are or are starting, here’s a guide to budgeting during your college years.  It’s easy to spend your money quickly when you go out with friends or at school events, but trust me saving up will pay off in the long run!  Follow these quick tips and you’ll be on your way to stashing money in no time!Chelsea Crockett- saving money

  1. Try the “pay check” trick!  Whenever you get a pay check, put half of your earnings in your wallet and half in your savings account.  Do this right away!  That way, you can’t spend that money even if you wanted to!
  2. Check out your local businesses!  Most restaurants and shops around a college town offer student discounts.  If you feel like eating out or shopping, check out one of those places.  It’ll save you money and support local businesses.  It’s a win-win situation!  Plus, most of these places are in walking distance, so you don’t have to spend gas money!
  3. Say no to your credit card!  When you go out with friends, withdraw a specific amount of cash.  This will stop you from spending more than you want to.
  4. Be careful with the saying “I’ll pay you back!”  A lot of times, your friends will forget or take a long time to get the money to you.  Be careful!

Whether it’s for a Spring Break trip, Study Abroad, or for your future, saving money is a very important life lesson!

Enjoy college!