Hi Insiders,

            Unfortunately, school is coming up soon.  I am definitely starting to feel the back to school blues.  Between homework, sports, and clubs, it’s hard to find enough time for yourself during the day.  My stress level can get to an all-time high!  I’m going to give you a few tips to beat the back to school stress and enjoy your time more often.Chelsea Crockett- back to school

  1. It’s good to get involved, but not too involved.  As a student, everyone wants to be involved in everything.  Clubs and sports are so competitive these days that everyone wants to be the captain or president.  Many students join too many clubs or sports and seem to get over-whelmed between that and school work.  Try to pick and choose between what you join.  Give yourself time for homework and yourself.
  2. Don’t wait till the last minute to do homework or projects.  Just because you have a week for an essay doesn’t mean to wait until the night before.  That’s just calling for stress!  Do a few paragraphs a night or work 30 minutes a night on a project until the due date.  This way you won’t feel overwhelmed all at once!
  3. Stay organized!  As nerdy as it may sound, I love my planner!  If you use it correctly, you won’t forget about a project or event you have to do.  I promise it helps!

It’s cool to care about school and yourself.  Don’t let things get to you and cause you stress.  Be smart and enjoy your school year!