Hi Girls,

            Celebrities are known for doing crazy things!  Whether it’s making headlines for a scandalous movie role or debuting a new look, celebrities are always in the news!  Lately, crazy hair trends and dramatic hair changes have been all the buzz in Hollywood.  I’ll break down Chelsea Crockett- colored hairsome of the craziest celebrity hair dos and hair trends around!

            Celebrities like Katy Perry are notorious for bright colored hair.  You never know what hair color is going to make its way down the red carpet.  I don’t recommend dying your beautiful hair to green, blue, or purple.  Plus, it’s terrible damage to your hair!  Another crazy hair trend is Bohemian braids.  This is when one side of your hair is tightly braided while theChelsea Crockett- short hair other side is down.  Kind of crazy looking! 

Miley Cyrus has been in the headlines for her dramatic hair change.  Her beautiful brown hair is no more!  Celebs, like Miley, have been chopping their hair off for a more “edgy” look.  How could you cut such beautiful hair?!  It’s fun to see all of these looks come to life in magazines and on the big screen, but not realistic.  Keep your pretty natural hair! Kiss