Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is part of healthy lifestyle that everyone strives to have.  Not only does it help your immune system, manage your weight, and increase your years of living, but it can actually treat acne as well.  Who would’ve known?!  Below are some foods to start incorporating in your diet if you struggle with acne like I do.  So eat up and enjoy clearer skin. 🙂 Chelsea Crockett- blueberries

  • Cucumbers:  This veggie is high in water content, which helps flush away toxins from your pores.  It also has a “cooling” effect, which can calm down inflammation caused by acne.
  • Oysters: If you’re a sea food lover, then start loading up on oysters.  They are full of zinc, which is crucial in killing acne.  It also absorbs vitamin A, which it vital for the health of our skin.
  • Yogurt and blueberries: This wonder food packs on the probiotics, which can actually prevent bad bacteria from forming. 
  • Dark chocolate: Indulging in dark chocolate can actually cure your skin!  It’s full of antioxidants that can help shield your skin from harmful radiation.
  • Water: This is probably the most powerful acne fighter.  It keeps your body and skin hydrated, flushing out bad toxins that could get stuck in your pores. 

Who would’ve thought that incorporating a few of these tasty foods in your diet each day could actually get rid of acne?!  I know I’d rather eat food than take medicine!  I hope this helped you on your journey to clearer skin!! 

Good luck!