I love lacing up my running shoes and hopping on the trail. One of the best things about summer is sunny outdoor workouts! That being said, it is important to watch the weather, and temperatures, to make sure you are being smart about summer outdoor workouts.download

My summer workout advice? Always check the weather before you go outside for a summertime run. Why does this matter? The heat and humidity can have adverse effects on your health. Experts say you shouldn’t run if it is over 90 degrees or if the humidity is high. This is because running with humidity affects your heart rate. Your heart rate increases two to four beats
per minute in temperatures from 60-75 degrees, and up to 10 beats per minute in temperatures from 75-90 degrees. Increased heart rate can cause dangerous side effects! Running in cooler weather is much easier and comfortable for your muscles and heart. Run earlier in the morning or later at night to avoid the intense heat, and remember that if it is over 90 degrees and 70% humidity, it is not safe for you to run outside.

Exercising is great when you are smart about it. 🙂

XOXO, Chels