I love music. I listen to it on the bus, when I am at home, and when I just need to relax and get away. Today I am going to fill you in on my current top 3 favorite songs. These are songs I shamelessly rock out to on a daily basis!

1. Come With Us (Feat. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop) By Lindsey Stirling:

I love this song because it is so unique. Why is it unique? It mixes rap with violin music. It is so cool! Lindsey is a really talented violinist, so when you pair her with some cool rap music, it is a really catchy song!

My Top 3 Favorite Songs

2. Turn the Radio Up by Kyle Andrews:

I love this song because it has a unique beat. I also like it because the artist, Kyle Andrews, is like the male version of Ellie Goulding. Go check it out!

 My Top 3 Favorite Songs

3. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons:

Ok, I cannot get enough of this song. When my brother Chandler and I listen to this song we jump on my bed and dance. Well, he TRIES to dance, but he has still got some learning to do ;). This song has such a great beat and makes you wanna get up and move!

My Top 3 Fav Songs

 So, if you’re looking for some new, fresh tunes, check these out! They are each really unique in their own way, and will make you wanna get up and dance.

Enjoy! Love, Chels