Keeping my room clean is a HUGE struggle.  I’ve got clothes everywhere, magazines scattered all over my bed, and makeup upon makeup all over my vanity.  So how do I fix this problem?  I’ve finally come up with multiple organization tips that have really helped me keep my room clean and will benefit you as well.  Let’s get started!

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes…how do you fit so many clothes in a small closet?!  I only hang up nicer clothes, like dresses, skirts, and nice shirts.  The rest, I fold and organize by type: pajamas, shorts, tees, tanks, etc.  This way, you can find what you’re looking for easily.  Just place in drawers and voilà!Chelsea Crockett- Organization Tips                If you’re a makeup guru like me, then you’ve got lots of brushes.  A cute way to store your brushes is to place them in a fish bowl.  Sounds weird, I know, but trust me!  Add fun colored sand, rocks, or seashells to the bottom of the fish bowl and then place the brushes upside down so they stand upright.  It’s a cute, stylish way to showcase your makeup brushes.  Just place them on your vanity and there you go!  Cubbies are probably the greatest organization tool around.  They come in all sorts of colors and hold just about anything.  I like to keep cubbies under my bed and place all of my magazines in them. That way, I can access my magazines quick and easy.  It looks good too!  You can find the perfect sized cubbies right here on Amazon:  Last, jewelry racks can be purchased at Target and display your jewelry in a cute and classy way.  It makes everything easy to find and it’s sort of like a decoration for the room.  Apply these tips and your room will be nice and organized!

Ps- Don’t forget about your laundry. Wink