I’ve always loved a good pool party. Nothing says “summer” like a pool full of family or friends! If you have a pool and you are wanting to throw a killer pool party, there are a few essentials to make the experience as easy and as memorable as possible! Your guests won’t want to leave!

  1. Fun pool floaties: I am sure you have seen photos of your favorite celebs floating around in pools on big swan or flamingo floaties. Well, bring those inflatables to your pool! There are tons of fun options out there, from giant inflatable ice cream sandwiches to flamingos and swans and beyond.2011-03-15-double-rainbow-pancakes-skewers-500
  2. Twinkly lights: Run twinkly Christmas lights around your deck or pool area. That way at night you can flip on the lights and have a cool whimsical vibe.
  3. A Bluetooth speaker: This is definitely an essential in my book! I love having tunes playing when I am swimming with friends. It sets a fun, carefree mood. Having a Bluetooth speaker allows you to be able to have your phone anywhere and still play music since it doesn’t have to plug into the speaker.
  4. Fun beverages: I’m talking pink lemonade, root beer, Kool Aid, the works! Have a few pitchers of cool drinks made so that people can refresh in the tastiest way possible.
  5. Fresh fruit: My favorite poolside snack is a big slice of watermelon. It is cool and refreshing which makes it the perfect summertime snack! Have some fresh fruit sliced and ready to go so your friends can munch away.

Pool parties are one of the best things about summer, wouldn’t you agree?

XOXO, Chels