Hey Insiders,

            If you have your license or know someone who has their license, listen up!  Texting and driving is a HUGE issue.  Between commercials, TV programs, and billboards on every highway, texting and driving has been addressed almost everywhere!  It’s a serious problem all around, and teens and adults alike need to take the pledge never to text and drive.  This year, the Teen Choice Awards really encouraged teens to take the pledge to stop texting and driving.  Watching this program really made me think.  Is your text really that important?  Can’t it wait until you arrive at your destination?  Sometimes, sending a text while driving can be a life or death situation.  Is your text worth your life, or possibly someone else’s life?  I hope not!  They can all wait!  Check out the website below for heart breaking stories and testimonies, and take the pledge to never text and drive!Chelsea Crockett- texting and driving  #itcanwait