What is color blocking? This trend takes bold colors and pairs them together in outfits to make the ensemble abstract and artistic. Looking to make a statement with your style? Well color blocking is definitely a good place to start!

One example of color blocking is picking one color and styling your outfit with varying shades of that color. These are called monochromatic colors! If you choose lavender, you could wear deep purple jeans with a light lavender sweater and nude flats with a clutch that had purple accents. This variation of color blocking sort of has the ombre effect because of the different shades of color you are using!

The next aspect of color blocking is using the color wheel to choose colors that accent each other. Choose colors that are complimentary to each other, such as yellow and purple, red and green, and orange and blue. That’s the first step to color blocking, choosing your color scheme! 

Color blocking can be confusing, but don’t let it fluster you! Learning how to color block successfully takes practice. You have to choose just the right shades and color combinations, or the outfit can turn into a jumble of mismatched nonsense! That is why peeking at a color wheel can be helpful. Here are some examples of color blocking:

chelsea crockett color blocking  tumblr_m7dhgaUYQ31qhegr1o1_500chelsea crockett color blocking

Hopefully these examples show you just how trendy color blocking can be and give you examples on how to work it into your wardrobe! 

XOXO, Chels