I LOVE decorating for Christmas! It is just one of the many reasons I love the holiday season. I came across an awesome DIY that I think you all are going to love! It adds sparkle to any mantle!

What you will need:

-100 mini lights

-1 canvas

Chelsea Crockett

1. Lay your canvas down on the floor or a flat surface and draw whatever pattern you want on the back of the canvas with a pencil. I chose to draw a snowflake-ish pattern on mine. Make sure you keep the pattern a little further apart to leave room for the lights. You can use an ice pick to poke the holes in the canvas where you made the pencil marks. Be careful though, ice picks are sharp suckers!

Chelsea Crockett

2. Poke the tip of the lights through the holes you have made in the canvas. You can secure the lights in the holes with hot glue if you want. The picture below shows what a hot mess the back of the canvas will look like, but it also shows how awesome it looks from the front! Prop this sucker up on your mantle, add some garland and a few sparkely accent pieces, and you will have the best looking mantle on the block!

Chelsea Crockett

If you decide to try this classy DIY, comment below and tell me how it turns out!

XOXO, Chels