The fashion police is here! Here to make sure that you never make any of these 3 common fashion no no’s!

1. Buy things that fit: You know that adorable shirt on clearance? The one two sizes too small, but makes you wonder if you can squeeze into it? Girl, leave it on the rack. There is nothing worse than wearing a shirt that is two sizes too small and feeling super uncomfortable because you have to hold your breath all day to keep from popping the buttons off. Sure, the shirt may be the cutest thing you have ever seen, but there is another one out there that is just as cute, and that accents your body way better, I guarantee it!

2. Hide those bra straps: We all know a girl who likes to show off her pink leopard print bra straps, and doesn’t seem to mind when they constantly pop out from under her shirts. Don’t be that girl! Cover those babies up. You look much classier and more respectable when you do. Plus, covering your straps up keeps you modest, and modest is hottest! chelsea crockett fashion police

3. Wearing pj’s in public: Ladies, please please PLEASE do not wear pajama pants in public. This is NOT a good look. The whole “just rolled out of bed” look is not something to go for. I know it may be cozy and comfortable, but save them when you are at home. This is not the way to achieve the “hobo chic” look, trust me!chelsea crockett pajama pants in public

I hope this visit from the fashion police has whipped you into shape!

XOXO, Chels