Every girl dreams of having the perfect wardrobe, fully stocked with adorable clothes for every occasion. Am I right? Today I am going to give youi some tips on how to build the wardrobe of your dreams!

Step 1: Clean Up!

*Clean up your room. Going through your closet in an already messy room will just create a big, exasperating, overwhelming disaster. Clean up your room and make space to lay out your clothes.

*Clean up yourself. Do your hair and make up! When you try on clothes, anything you try on will look better if you’re looking good too!

Step 2: Get To Work!Chelsea crockett how to build a wardrobe

*Pick out a basic top & bottom, like jeans and a white tee, to try on with your pieces. If you’re trying on a top, wear the jeans and vice versa with the white tee.

* Go through one category at a time. I recommend you do all tops at once, all skirts, and so on. It’s easier to determine if you have duplicates or similar pieces. This also helps you from getting overwhelmed!

*Start with the clothes you don’t need to try on. These may be closet staples like black & white tanks/tees, uniforms, that sort of thing. Put them in the STAY pile. Things that are stained, ripped, damaged, move them to the GO pile.

Step 3: Go Through Your Piles!

*If you ended up with a lot of items in your stay pile, try and re-evaluate. Be realistic! You’re trying to build a wardrobe you love!

*Divide your GO pile into pieces that need to be thrown away, donated, and sold.

Don’t be overwhelmed with cleaning out your closet! Try doing just one or two categories of clothes in a day rather than everything in one sitting. Once you get the hang of cleaning things out, it will become easier to part with pieces. I know I sometimes have a hard time getting rid of clothing because I think “You never know, someday I might need this!” but when the going gets tough, just remember, you’re working towards building a wardrobe you love with clothes you’ll be excited to wear every day! You can do it, ladies!