Have you ever seen Princess Diaries? If so, think back to the scene where Mia and her mom are in their house, throwing darts at paint-filled balloons, letting off some serious steam. Did anyone else feel insanely jealous of them?! I know I totally did. Well, I have now added this activity to my summer bucket list, and I think you should, too! This is how you play “Paint Balloon Darts”.61cd4d6970b2e55742d48860371f5976

You just need some water balloons, some washable paint, darts, and a canvas or wooden back board! Fill a bottle
with a narrow tip with paint and use it to fill your balloons. Fill them up about ¼ of the way, and then tie them off. Use pushpins to attach them to your wooden backboard or canvas. After you have done so, stand back and let ‘er rip! You can have a group of people split into teams and compete to see which group can bust more balloons than the other, or you can just toss the darts for fun! If you use a canvas, you can save it and it can be a fun art piece!

I hope you ladies can use this fun game to let off some steam this summer just like Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia, did. 😉

XOXO, Chels